Independence, Slush and #CreActiveLeadership

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As Finland celebrated its 102nd independence day on December 6, 2019, we at LEADX3M asked ourselves what (if anything) this small Nordic country could teach the world about #CreaActiveLeadership.

Rather than trying to address this question broadly, let’s focus on the immense success of one particular annual event called Slush. Founded in 2008 this regional gathering has grown in 10+ years into global proportions as the world’s leading startup and tech event. Just this year in November, the event gathered over 25.000 international creative leaders and influencers from all over the world in rainy, cold and dark Helsinki.

When thinking of it, it’s only natural that Finland as a well educated, start-up friendly, and tech centric society takes a leading position in driving the 5th Industrial Revolution for us around the world. The Slush event inspires the masses, and facilitates pivotal meetings between the founders of startups, investors, and corporations looking for external collaboration opportunities to help emerge and transform the international creative tech scene.

The global networking festival focused this year on driving profit over growth and pivoting towards sustainable business models, which are key ingredients also in LEADX3M’s service offering to client companies. So stay tuned to the next Slush event in fall 2020, and remember with a smile their poster board from a few years ago:


Except You, You Badass. Welcome.”

Happy Independence Day Finland, 102 years of creativity, innovation, and design!

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