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    Tatjana-Maria Waldkirch

    Sales Operations Analyst

    Demodesk - USA


    Prof. Henrik Totterman is an outstanding professor who always inspired student discussions in his classes and encouraged students to think outside of the box. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and innovative and always made sure that everyone was supported in the best way possible. It was an honor to have him as a professor for the two Innovation classes of my Marketing Master and I would highly recommend him without reservation.

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    Casper Almqvist

    Communications Officer

    City of Helsinki - Finland


    Experienced business leaders with a busy schedule are a demanding audience not easily flattered. But when Henrik took the floor everyone listened with the sort of attention of a schoolboy first day in school. Henrik does not just inspire people, he creates a unique atmosphere of trust and community around him which is extremely fruitful. Years later I asked Henrik to be my mentor when I was attaining the City of Helsinki leadership program. As a mentor, Henrik was dedicated, structured, and efficient. The time he gave me was really for me. Thanks to Henrik I think more strategically and I am better at analyzing and understanding workplace dynamics and opportunities. I can strongly recommend Henrik as a mentor or trainer for anyone who wants to get forward in their career.

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    Frederic Van Kelecom
    Cloud Solution Architect - Data & AI Microsoft - Ireland


    Not only is Henrik an outstanding professor, but he's also a great mentor. His unique style of teaching combined with his warm personality make every class a joy to attend. He is a true professional who has a great knowledge of business management. I truly enjoyed working together with him on the Verizon Challenge and I learned so much from him. Thank you, Henrik!

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    Lorena Leston
    Director of Strategic Initiatives & Institutional Research

    Hult International Business School - UK


    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Henrik for a number of years. During some of those years, I reported directly to him and found him to be a very inspirational and competent leader, always supportive of my professional development and very committed to improving our admissions processes and overall student experience. Henrik excels at process improvement and at coming up with creative ways of problem-solving and getting things done. Under his leadership, I learned a lot about policy and management as well as thinking outside of the box. Henrik is a great asset, he possesses a wealth of knowledge about higher education, is a true team player, and formidable colleague and friend.

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    Luciana Cancado P. B. Sarmento

    Senior Corporate Banker

    (VP – Global Banking)
    HSBC - Brazil


    Prof. Totterman is not only a professor uniquely capable of capturing the student's attention and helping us learn with confidence, but he is also a compassionate, kind, and wise person. He has a singular understanding of the classroom and comes to class with enthusiasm and boundless energy. He is a resourceful professor therefore makes the students think and sets high expectations for all students. For these reasons, I am honored to write Prof. Totterman a recommendation!

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    Daniel Han

    Project Manager

    Simplon.co - France


    It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work under Henrik's leadership at Hult International Business School, while he was the Dean of the Boston campus. Henrik always exuded confidence, openness, and respect, as he is a wonderful professional and person. As my line manager, Henrik supported my professional development and gave me the tools to succeed as an engaged employee at Hult. Best wishes for the future.17

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    Christina Chen

    Chief Marketing Officer

    SWFT Blockchain - USA


    It was my privilege to be under Dean Henrik Totterman's tutelage while I was studying MBA at HULT in 2015. Dean Totterman was always friendly and supportive, which always made me feel at home when seeing him around in school. He is knowledgeable and resourceful. The way he encouraged and motivated students were extremely impressive. The students from very diverse cultures all respect him and trust him.

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    Javier Cuéllar, CFA
    Chief Risk Officer

    Fondo Nacional de Garantías S.A. - Colombia


    It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Henrik. I had the pleasure of meeting him while pursuing my MBA at Hult IBS. He was the Dean of the Boston campus. I was always in awe of Henrik's ability to get people on board with ideas; even people who were initially on completely different pages. As a Dean, he was very approachable and his open-door policy made him an easy-going person who was in close contact with students, understanding our challenges and opinions. As a team member and a leader, Henrik earns my highest recommendation.

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    Bob Faw
    Chief Energizing Officer

    Matchbox Group - USA


    Henrik inspires faculty, students, and administrators alike. He has that rare ability to care about each person and what they want as well as push for excellence. Even when he gives news about unpopular changes people rally behind him because he makes it reasonable and motivating. It was a true pleasure and inspiration working under his supervision and I hope to do so again someday.

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    Loli Lopez-Montenegro
    CEO and Co-founder

    Faith-Journals - USA


    I had the great privilege to come to know Dean Totterman while pursuing my MBA at Hult in 2013. He is an exemplary dean whose intelligence, professionalism, and strong leadership have earned him the utmost respect and trust of all the Hult MBA students and faculty alike. He sincerely cares about the students and is always willing to go the extra mile, both in and out of the school, to enhance the student’s learning experience and support their careers. He is especially skilled at understanding and bringing together the diverse cultures among the more than 70 nationalities that concurred at Hult. It was an honor and a pleasure to have Henrik as my dean during such an amazing learning experience and I recommend him without reservation.

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    Tobias Enders

    Senior Innovation Manager
    vent.io - Germany


    Henrik is a dedicated leader in academics. As dean of Hult's Boston campus, he has been perceived as a trusted adviser by the entire student body. Henrik has both the academic expertise and emotional intelligence to elicit confidence from students and colleagues. I enjoyed working with Henrik throughout the entire academic year. He dedicates time to address the wants and needs of students and at the same time strives to improve the business school's academic performance by constantly gathering and processing feedback.

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    Haytham Gareer, MD PhD MBA FACS
    Chief Medical Officer

    Geneoscopy - USA


    I had the honor to be among the 2013 MBA class at the Hult Boston campus. I think I speak for all students when I say that Henrik Totterman was a model dean. He was skillful in effectively augmenting the work and interests of the diverse international body of students and faculty. In addition, he set the highest standards for leadership. I recommend Dean Henrik Totterman most highly and without reservation.

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    Silvia Garcia

    Project Manager, Process Optimization

    GAP Inc. - USA


    Henrik Totterman was the Dean during my studies(2012-2013) at Hult International Business School. As a dean, he was always approachable and attentive to students' concerns. In every speech and interaction at the university, he exposed the culture of HULT IBS. Moreover, he showed a great understanding of international diversity and knew how to integrate diverse groups at the school.

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    Sharon Wulf, PhD

    Enterprise Systems - USA


    Henrik Totterman operates with integrity, professionalism, and high standards. With each and every interaction with Henrik, I have respected his ability to support my work with students and the mission of the organization. His leadership strength came through when he led the 2011 Graduation Ceremony in Boston. It is pleasure to work with Henrik.

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    Päivi Enden
    New Business Sales, partner

    Ropo Capital - Finland


    Henrik is a leader with a big L. He is able to motivate people to work hard and make even a big group work nicely together. Henrik has the talent to help people realize their strengths and weaknesses so they can reach their full potential.

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    Susanna Arnall
    Partner, Licenced Real Estate Agent LKV LVV at Bo LKV - Finland


    "Isn't this exciting?", I hear Henrik saying with real enthusiasm when I think of him. A truly inspiring and motivating teacher! He is highly academic, has a huge amount of knowledge and a broad perspective, is an excellent listener - and on top of all, great fun and a really nice guy!

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    Marika Toikka
    Director, Trade and Export Finance, Valmet Oyj - Finland


    Henrik was the director of the MBA program at Hanken during my first year of studies. He is a pragmatic and well-organized person with high academic knowledge. He managed the group with great enthusiasm. On top of things, his social skills are excellent. I would proudly recommend him for any leadership position.

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    Kenneth Hellsten
    Commercial Leader NORDIC and Baltic States at TIP Trailer Services - Finland


    I have personally experienced Henrik as a very pleasant and competent teacher that goes beyond the traditional boundaries 'to get the job done'. His unlimited energy and his flexible approach earned him a lot of credits at the time and we were sad he was moving on to his next career move.

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    Per Kjäll
    Global Director Radiation

    Safety and Security

    Elekta Instrument AB - Sweden


    Henrik has an ability that is fairly rare today, and that is to be able to focus on one person at a time, despite surrounding distractions, trying to understand that person's point of view, and on top of it be interested in what he or she has to say! He is serious but at the same time very socially capable and as we all can see here - a networker "par excellence". He is a high-quality person, so if that is what you are looking for... I would truly recommend Henrik.

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    Markus Fabricius
    Managing Director

    Operaria Headhunting & Recruiting - Finland


    I found Henrik to be a leader who always was eager to listen & learn. He is a fantastic networker with great social skills, who also had a lot of ambitions to develop his area of responsibility. Henrik owns an entrepreneurial approach which is dynamite as he combines it with his academic researcher background.

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    Eva Wathén
    Family Business Owner and Adviser

    Koskisen Oy and Bravemotion - Finland


    I can warmly recommend Henrik for different managerial positions. He has profound analytical skills and a holistic mind-setting. Henrik has the ability to combine high-class academic knowledge with practical settings owing to his excellent communication and social skills. His persistence, openness, and positiveness make him a wonderful and respected colleague to work with.

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    Niclas Sacklén
    Managing Director

    AVARN Security - Finland


    Henrik acted as MBA program director during my second year of MBA studies at Hanken. I truly respect his intelligent way of combining academic knowledge with common sense!

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    Alexander Aminoff
    Sales and Marketing Director

    Crosskey - Sweden


    Henrik is one of the most inspiring and dedicated teachers I have had in my studies in Entrepreneurship and Management at Hanken. He is both a skilled and motivating manager and a passionate (entrepreneurship) researcher. His balance between a friendly and easygoing style combined with premium class professionalism has gained vast respect among my fellow students. Doing business with Henrik is a win-win situation, go for it!

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    Maikki Frisk
    Cloud Consultant

    Wenovate - Germany


    As an MBA leader Henrik a.k.a. Töttis is the right man for the job. His devotion, sense and sensitivity, and ability to read the team and steer the group are phenomenal. Thanks, Töttis, for everything!

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    Esko Heikkinen

    Communications Director (Emeritus)
    Diacor terveyspalvelut Oy - Finland


    Henrik is a guy you can trust. Always friendly but goal-oriented. Achieves great results without bringing himself to the forefront.

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    Markus Wartiovaara, D.Sc.

    Hanken Business Lab - Finland


    I got to know Henrik professionally at the Hanken School of Economics while he was working as an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship. He was a dedicated scholar, a good colleague, and loved by his students. His practical touch on the subject of entrepreneurship made it particularly enjoyable to discuss and engage in related subjects with him.

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    Judith Perle
    Management Advantage - UK


    I ran networking skills workshops at the Hanken School of Economics for several years now. Henrik is a pleasure to work with, professional, and dedicated to his job.

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    Eva Liljeblom, D.Sc.

    Hanken School of Economics - Finland


    Henrik was really a great leader of the Hanken MBA program, and his contribution was essential in further lifting the profile of the program. Hanken MBA is now well established and has an AMBA accreditation.

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    Pia Polsa, D.Sc.
    Associate Professor

    Hanken School of Economics - Finland


    Henrik, Töttis as I like to call him, is an easy-going colleague. During my HANKEN MBA cooperation with him, I highly appreciated his respect, encouragement, and clarity toward his colleagues. I am happy to recommend him as a devoted colleague.

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    Juhani Järvenpää

    Dieta Group - Finland


    Henrik was the director of my MBA program until he was recruited to the USA as director of a local MBA program. I enjoyed working with Henrik. He was very professional, always well-prepared, and inspiring. He seem also to be, despite his young age, a very good leader for his MBA team. I am happy to endorse Henrik for any similar kind of work which requires even more experience.