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    Henrik Totterman, D.Sc, is a Finnish-American fifth-generation entrepreneur and an internationally awarded professor of practice. He is a former family business owner, dean, and global business school executive director. Henrik has lived since 2010 in Boston and is a recognized international business leader, entrepreneur, and expert in solving organizational challenges for corporations, non-profits, and academic organizations worldwide. Henrik is on the faculty of Hult International Business School, Harvard University, and the CEO of Leadx3m.  



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    I speak at industry conferences and organization events and also through video conferencing from my professional studio. In addition, to current themes, I enjoy tailoring content to your needs.


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    I teach industry leaders and graduates business acumen and how to activate

    creativity in themselves and their organizations. I am an awarded expert with some of the highest evaluations in the field.


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    My proprietary audit and continuous improvement process are at the core when we solve complex and critical strategic executive challenges for corporations, non-profit businesses, and academic institutions around the globe.




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