Faculty of the Year 2019!

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In August 2019 our President Dr. Henrik Totterman was presented the Faculty of the Year by the Hult International Business School MIM Class. Congratulations Henrik!

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As stated by Henrik, "I am truly honored and excited to facilitate exploratory learning journeys for dedicated, driven, and demanding graduate students from all over the world. Receiving the Faculty of the Year Award in hard collegial competition was a surprise and a great bonus to a productive year."

In one of his core courses at Hult last spring, Henrik had graduates create groundbreaking digital product solutions for one of the world's largest and most prestigious consumer electronics manufacturers. The client will return again next spring to gain more creative solutions from innovative students. In his summer elective, graduates created disruptive business models through wargaming, which is also an innovation method we at LEADX3M apply in corporate training.  

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