#33 Performance: Potential and Achievements @ NOKIA

In yesterday's capstone class, we explored intrapreneurship at hashtag#nokia through a 2019 Stanford case study, sparking an intriguing discussion among well-prepared participants, including myself, growing up near Nokia's headquarters.

The enlightening conversation highlighted that performance bridges the gap between a business's potential and achievements.

While participants were cautiously optimistic about Nokia's future innovation capabilities, there were concerns about its past and present.

Questions arose regarding Nokia's adaptation to market disruptions, overlooked projects that could have altered its future, strategies to distinguish its products from competitors, critical decisions during the smartphone competition, and past strategic choices now viewed through intrapreneurship and innovation.

We also pondered Nokia's strategic evolution over the past thirty years in response to technological shifts, market changes, and the competitive landscape.

Anyone with insights, what is your advice to get the engine running in a big way? 👇

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