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    • MGMT E-597 Master Management Capstone Phase 1
    • MGMT S-599 Master Management Capstone Phase 2
    • MGMT E-5400 New Business Venturing
    • MGMT S-5000 Strategic Management


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    3 x faculty of the year: student and administration award.

    • EY TECH MBA Capstone Course
    • NV-6035 EMBA Developing the Next Growth Engine
    • ENT-6053 MIB Design Thinking for Innovation
    • MKT-6041 MIM New Product Development
    • BCH-7809 EMBA Future Mindset Challenge
    • BCH-7809 EMBA/MBA/MFIN/MIB/MIM Business Challenge
    • INV-6037 EMBA Disruptive Business Models
    • ENT-5630 MIM Entrepreneurship, Products, and Innovation
    • LEAD-5411 EMBA Leading for Innovation
    • ALP-455 BBA Hult Founders Lab
    • DSN-210 BBA Design Thinking for Social Impact
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    • Custom workshops and meeting facilitation for senior business leaders and their teams in person in Boston, worldwide, or online. 
    • Turn-key executive and EMBA program visits to Boston.
    • Common themes: innovation and creativity, growth leadership, market-entry, attitude and change, explorative strategy and scenario planning, higher education, people management, communication, and development.
    • Design, business, future thinking, real-world cases and challenges, business war games, and simulations.

    Dr. Henrik Toterman’s generosity in offering high-end consulting on Creative Leadership to our non-profit organization was a precious gift that advanced our team's leadership skills. It helped us develop strategies that allowed us to increase our positive impact. As always, Dr. Toterman gave us a memorable educational experience with absolute professionalism and a contemporary approach. My team and I feel grateful for the knowledge we acquired, and we look forward to the next steps.


    Dr. Totterman, you have understood our vision and values. The length and the regularity of the lectures fit our needs and workflow. The content and the business examples you use in the workshops are relevant, pinpoint the breakthroughs/changes we need to do to achieve short-term or long-term goals, provide us with new ideas and ways of how we can implement them, and help us build a better business for our employees and stakeholders.


    Mr. Henrik, your program is a great experience! You provide a great mix of listening, speaking, and practical learning activities in a safe, supportive learning environment. We appreciate that you are always there for us to answer questions, facilitate conversations, and solve problems with the most positive attitude, making the team feel comfortable participating in the discussions and sharing thoughts without feeling judged, so no one gets left behind. The homework you give us after each session makes the team bond even more; we find the time to discuss our strengths and weaknesses and actions to be taken for the organization's future prosperity.


    Dr. Henrik! He is a creative teacher, an excellent trainer who, with his great knowledge and his excellent way of transmitting it, really motivates the whole team on the path of thinking about business issues and, of course, finding solutions to problems we face every day in our work. His detailed and highly targeted presentations led us to self-improvement and a group work adjustment.


    Mr. Henrik Toterman is a brilliant, kind, and analytical person - professor who always gives his “audience” the opportunity to think creatively regarding strategic thinking and entrepreneurship. He is a good listener with a good comprehension of every question being asked. Being a self-motivated person himself gives empowerment to each beneficiary with a great depth of knowledge about business administration. Design thinking is a suitable lesson for him to deliver.


    Dr. Henrik is a great person who exudes a positive aura. His approach was straightforward and innovative at the same time, adding additional value to our collaboration. He was always appropriately prepared for our lectures. The way he tried to help us think differently and realize a lot about the company was terrific. He has led us skillfully to think and realize things about ourselves without realizing them. Through the modules, we understood much more about each other in the group. In addition, through the material he offered, it became easier for us to understand the company better and which parts must collaborate for the best results.


    The most rewarding experience I have had in my academic life. It was outstanding in terms of bringing out the best of me and the best of my teammates.


    Prof. Totterman is an engaging and outstanding professor for this course. He pushes our minds and gives us room to identify our unique ways of thinking. 3–hours with him in the morning flies by, wanting more.


    The best course I have ever taken in my ALM program.


    Prof Totterman is both experienced and passionate about helping his students. He responds to inquiries promptly and is always there to support us.


    Dr. Henrik challenged us to learn about for us completely foreign industries. He encouraged us to push the boundaries and find new, breakthrough solutions until the day before our presentation. He believed in questioning what we believed to be true and asked us to do the same. He was genuinely an expert in his teaching abilities and answered all questions asked in class.


    He pushed me to think deeper and forced me to consider being creative in a space I wasn't comfortable. He is a fantastic lecturer and provides excellent support along the way. He is very experienced in this field, and his examples were extremely helpful in pushing me to think better and differently. I appreciated every challenge he threw at me. That is why I took the capstone.


    Prof. Totterman has a fantastic knowledge of how global businesses work. He inspired us with his personal experience and network, pushing us to think big and originally. He pushed me to become a better leader and opened my eyes regarding my traditional ways of thinking.


    He put in the tremendous effort before the semester, which made our actual time on campus easier. We had precise schedules, and we understood what was expected of us. Henrik is also highly passionate about the course and the client we are working with. He made this feel like a real–life consulting gig, and I appreciated the practical nature of the course.


    Prof. Totterman is one of the few professors who demonstrate radical candor – caring about students and, at the same time, pushing them to achieve more.


    Henrik connects theory with practice and encourages students to trust the process and their work to achieve the best possible outcome.


    The instructor’s flow of information and how he mixed the exercises in the breakout room and the main course room were very professional and relevant to the learning.


    He is very passionate about the subject matter, and it shows. Arranging a guest speaker can be challenging, and it all came across to the class very well.


    Dr. Totterman created a psychologically safe environment for the class to experiment and learn, and he was very passionate about the course material. Very positive experience! He explains and gives feedback well and clearly.


    Professor Henrik made his expectations clear from the beginning and held us accountable to a certain standard across the three days we were together. He was also very approachable and cordial, always ensuring all students were on the same level of understanding. I had already heard great feedback from classmates of mine about him, and I can confidently say that the feedback was accurate.


    Professor Henrik is a fantastic professor, he marked out the agenda on the first day and shared the daily agenda every day, so we knew what to look forward to and what the deliverables were every day. Given that this elective was structured to be completed in 3 days over a weekend, it is incredible how much we learned about a new market. All the credit goes to Professor Henrik as he made the elective very practical; we learned how to be executives and board members via presentations. We also learned how to look at partnerships and approach new emerging trends as potential opportunities, not threats. There was an ease to the practical part of things which made the experience challenging as well as enjoyable at the same time.


    The professor did a great job conveying his passion for disruptive business models. He proved to be knowleagable about the concept and made the students understand what this concept means. It is impressive how we worked and learned so much in a short period; it shows the excellence of Henrik on planning and executing the course.


    Everything - Professor Totterman is a phenomenal professor. It seems he is so passionate about what he does, which is very inspiring. Also, I liked that he brought in fascinating speakers.


    The professor helped bring this project forward. Professor Totterman's exercises helped bring along the final project. So much passion and energy - wonderful! Very encouraging while still giving insightful and practical feedback.


    Great instructor, very hands-on, and willing to collaborate with ideas. Never felt he was not supportive and always felt welcome to approach him. His role as a coach was phenomenal; he knew how to motivate and encourage us while passing his message to maximize learning.


    Prof. Totterman offered guidance, availability, and flexibility to discuss with the students the problems they needed to solve for the challenge.


    Everything - Professor Totterman is a phenomenal professor. It seems he is so passionate about what he does, which is very inspiring. Thank you for your professionalism and for elaborating on the importance of understanding the five why's of a business idea and feasibility. 


    The Professor nudges the students to investigate the wicked problem by providing the right tools at the right time. He has been great in leading and guiding us to identify the problem. He then steered us and challenged us to develop a cutting-edge solution.

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