Thankful on Thanksgiving

In 2003 my professor handed me his crown-jewel graduate course on growth companies, telling me to do my best and seek support for my first-ever teaching experience. The mentoring, trust, and sponsoring of rich course materials ensured my success back then. Thanks, Jan Sten. I miss our plotting and laughs!

Since then, I’ve engaged with thousands of graduate and leadership students in all facets of higher and executive education. The fall has been busy with executive and graduate education in the EU and the US, and the same continues next spring with several trips to the EU and Latin America as well.

Right now, I teach roughly 250 students, and I told in my classes this week how grateful I am to combine my life with fantastic business clients, people in higher education across borders, and especially them as #fearless and mostly hardworking graduate students.

Teaching in our classrooms is a unique experience as we bring together the rich diversity of our world. As students, we share our knowledge and learn from each other while working on cutting-edge business projects thanks to Ian Colley, Antonio Corghi, Mirco Nonnoi, and Andrea Ridi(!).

I also want to thank the superstar admin and teaching assistants with a special shout-out to Frederic Chartier and Laura Wilcox and their fabulous teams!

Happy Thanksgiving from Boston! Let us contribute to each other's learning and success because Together, We Can!

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