Manizales Coffee and Entrepreneurship

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A report from one of the world's best coffee regions, Manizales Colombia. Dr. Henrik Totterman from LeadX3M was recently invited to give a keynote speech at the ASCOLFA annual conference bringing together all Colombian business school leaders. 


Hi this is Henrik Totterman, thanks for listening to LeadX3M. Greetings from Manizales in Colombia.

As you may know, the Manizales Region is best known as one of the world's foremost coffee growing areas. Probably the best known local coffee brand is Juan Valdez, which is gradually building its presence also in the United States.

I had a cup of regional coffee this morning and got super thrilled by the aromatic and high quality roast. I am always craving for good South American roasts from my regional friends whenever they visit me in Boston. However, lets be frank, when it comes to coffee I am simply an active amateur, whose taste buts have been spoiled after years of, no offense, low quality down watered coffee while living in Boston.

So yes, occasionally I miss terribly the flavors of South American coffee blends.

That's why I'm so excited to be for a few days here in the mountain village, trying different variations of local roasts in small caféterias and at the same time enjoying local vibe and wonderful mountain views.

Probably by now you realize that coffee is not the main purpose for my visit. I've been invited to give a keynote on new business, innovation and entrepreneurship at the annual meeting of Ascolfa, which is the Columbian umbrella organization for business schools.

I just finished writing my speech for tomorrow, which begins by referring to my great-great grandfather Heikki J. Helkama and his definition of a businessman dating back well over 100 years. In my opinion, it still 100% current.

I also plan to talk about the impressive development of Hult International Business School, and the incredible entrepreneurial saga of Fondia, which has a unique business model and went public as the first Northern European law firm in just over ten years of existence.

I will also touch upon a range of other innovation updates, and discuss how I approach practical new business venturing in my Harvard University Extension School course.

Tomorrow afternoon, the journey continues to Medellin where I meet local students, followed by a morning meeting with leadership of a large Colombian corporate conglomerate. 

I will close my report from here by wishing you a great coffee break wherever you happen to be at this time.

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