Joyful Seasonal Greetings

· Good News

Happy Holidays to You and the Extended Family! 

At LEADX3M this year, our client assignments have primarily focused on facilitating new business creation and transformation, talent acquisition, and training/mentoring of leaders in different career phases. Our success is a result of working closely with truly joyful clients. We appreciate the ongoing support from our stakeholders, including you. As we tend to say, Together We CreAct!

We have also engaged in developing nonprofit community lending with ACCION East, which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs generate income, build assets, create jobs and achieve financial success through business ownership. In addition, we at LEADX3M are engaged in generating cutting edge knowledge related to micro-lending, creactive leadership, and intrapreneurship. In addition, our weekly U.S. broadcasts continues again in January on Radio Business FM 89.7 MHz in Finland. We look forward to continuing to nurture collaboration opportunities with impactful, transforming and growth oriented companies, non-profits, and students at Hult, Hanken and Harvard University.

Next year looks particularly interesting — We are launching the Business America Certificate program, bringing Nordic growth companies to North America. In terms of new customized programs, we are excited of Driven Business Transformation, bringing intrapreneurship to organizations of all sizes, types, and locations. We are also unleashing our  Expert Community next spring, which will be available to develop and inspire your working community, always with an insightful and tailored touch. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter by following the link below.

Thanks for a great past year, Happy Holidays & New Year!

Henrik Totterman, on behalf of the LEADX3M Team