#21 Mentors & Icon of the Seas


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The maiden voyage of the world’s largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, from Miami 🇺🇸 built in Finland 🇫🇮, encapsulates key business insights we’ve observed this week.

Leadership and Creativity:
This maritime marvel, conceived through visionary leadership and innovative Finnish engineering, exemplifies the idea that “The future belongs to creative leaders who can imagine, design, and execute it (hashtag#Leadership).”

Growth Beyond Comfort:
Developing Icon of the Seas resonates with “Growth and comfort do not coexist in the realm of strategic business planning (hashtag#Priorities).” This project redefined luxury cruising by embracing unprecedented design and scale challenges.

Investing in People:
The skilled artisans and engineers behind this project embody “The growth of a business is directly proportional to the growth of its people (hashtag#People),” showcasing how collective expertise can achieve groundbreaking results.

Power of Diverse Partnerships:
International collaboration in building this ship demonstrates “Partnerships thrive on diversity of thought, unity of purpose, and harmony of action (hashtag#Partners).” It’s a testament to the strength found in diverse yet aligned partnerships.

Reflecting on Performance:
The successful launch reflects “In business, performance is the mirror that reflects the effectiveness of your strategies and decisions (hashtag#Performance).” It’s a testament to strategic planning and operational excellence.

Customer-Centric Problem Solving:
Icon of the Seas represents “Solving customer problems is about building bridges - connecting customer needs with effective solutions (hashtag#Problem-Solving).” It’s a direct response to evolving customer desires in luxury cruising.

The Role of Mentorship:
Finally, “A mentor to a creative leader is a guide through the labyrinth of challenges and opportunities (hashtag#Mentors).” This project likely benefited from experienced mentors guiding through the complexities of such a grand undertaking.

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