#18 Partners


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Today, I'm putting my favorite saying to the test: "Together We Can." To demonstrate the true strength of uniting diversity, I've combined the varied career goals of my hashtag#capstone students into a single persona.

This collective character embodies a multi-skilled hashtag#professional with expertise in strategic planning, digital transformation, management consulting, and client relations across different sectors.

They thrive in creactive leadership roles requiring both creativity and analytical skills, such as managing projects in the media and entertainment industry or leading IT projects in nonprofit higher education.

The individual is versatile, adept at overcoming entrepreneurial challenges, and driven by innovation. They also have marketing skills at a directorial level, regardless of industry, enhancing their abilities in business development and program, product, or project management.

Their expertise also includes hands-on planning and implementation in development projects, illustrating a blend of visionary leadership and pragmatic execution.

I like exploration, partnering, and indeed, the application of AI to stimulate creativity at #hult, #harvard and #hanken.